Tuesday, June 2, 2009

06-02-09, just another day

I had my Dr.'s appointment today. It was just a renewal of my meds, or it was supposed to be. When I started telling him how I've been feeling lately, he decided to change two of my meds. I'm on a different anti-depressant for sleep now, Seroquel. I have to graduate the dose over the next month. We'll see how this one does.
Also, he took me off my Arthrotec, and now just has me on a strong dose of Naproxen. Arthritis sucks!
The best news though is that they, the nearly free clinic, has just found a psychologist that is trying to get volunteers for therapy services. This clinic is an all volunteer thing so the people there are volunteers who care about you, they are not just there to draw a paycheck. Since it's new, there's a waiting list, I was told maybe even a two month wait. But hey, transgender girl here, here being Arkansas. You don't get to council one everyday. Better get her while you can! ....ah gee, I'm feelin' better already. Can you tell?
I had one of those hated moments today on the way home. A hose on my old truck burst forcing me to play parking lot mechanic, at Exxon no less. Steaming hot, I pulled off the small hose, cut it a little shorter and put it back on. I'd like to thank all those handsome delivery truck drivers, satellite installers, and yard men that watched me do it. I needed an audience. ...Chivalry is dead.
That took up all of my morning and half of the afternoon. After getting home and eating, well, I guess it's called breakfast if it's your first meal, I said hi to Patty Lou when she got home as I walked out the door to go to work. I hate days like that. Let's see. Tomorrows list of things to do? .....Lay in the sun!



chrissie said...

Hi Steph,

You know, you may well be right about the therapy thing; many in the caring professions see it as a real career move to get that kind of "out of the box" experience under their belts.

My guess is that's one of the reasons my GP and the local surgery are so helpful. I'm the first TS on their health centre books, and the first he's ever dealt with. He stands to become an expert in the field, certainly in this part of Wales.

It's either that or he fancies me..... ;)


Leslie Ann said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Steph. And "nearly free" is the right price!

Wispyblond said...

Chivalry is dead, that is why being independent is important now so than ever before. You probably knew more about mechanics than the doofises..(is that a true word?) that were watching you.

Calie said...

Steph, I can just tell, by your words, that you are doing better. I'm thinking of you.