Friday, June 26, 2009


I've been stressed about work for the past two weeks. The janitorial contract had to be renegotiated by the company that holds the original contract that we sub for. The plant wants to cut their cleaning costs so their cutting out some of what we do while adding other stuff to it. What they're doing is making a big mess. They're putting in the contract specifically what, when, and how often everything is to be done. What that means is, if Mr. Don down in engineering spills his coffee in the hallway, as he is prone to do, I won't be obligated to clean it up until the day I'm suppose to mop. (every two weeks!!!) ( I do it weekly now, and spot mop daily.) There is other stuff just as stupid as that. The place is going to get nasty! We worked three years to get this plant where we get compliments from visiting companies about it's cleanliness, now it's going to become a mess again, all to save about 36k a year. A multi-million dollar company trying to save 36k. Stupid. They don't understand that when company comes and sees a mess, they won't be staying long. And they'll take their work contract with them. Goodbye dollars!
I'll just do what they tell me. When they have to renegotiate next year, I'll clean up the mess then.

Yay, the weekend is here!


Melissa said...

Oh Staphanie, tell me about it! You are talking about something I'm totally familiar with. For 37 years, I worked for a large international chemical corporation, that produced industrial fibers. They were always looking for some way to cut costs. Of course cutting waste, fraud, and abuse never even crossed their minds. It was always essential services, that needed to take the hit. We were always trying to do our jobs with the resources available, and they were always trying to pull the rug out from under us. Or at least that's how it seemed.

All you can do, is to do your best. Hang in their sweetie.

Love, Melissa!

chrissie said...


We get that here with our hospitals. Lots of money to pay for managers and clerks, bugger all to pay for cleaning or nursing staff.

Result, dirty toilets, dirty wards and chronic infection rates.

You would be safer having an operation done in a public toilet than in some of our hospitals.


Calie said...

You know, Steph, when a big corporation cuts cost, all they care about are the shareholders. Everything runs in cycles. When the economy improves, assuming we all survive this, things will get better in the workplace.

Calie xxx