Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have a therapist

Sometimes things just seem to fall into place for me.

While I was at work tonight, Patty Lou called to tell me that the clinic had called wanting to know if I could get to a 7:30 appointment. They had a cancellation and if I wanted it I should come in. I hate leaving work and then having to go back to it, but since the Dr. is only there once a month on Wednesday night, I decided to go. And OMG am I glad I did!

This is not just another therapist. She is a teaching psychiatrist at the University of Arkansas Medical Center! She just wanted to meet me tonight. She asked about my meds, which she is going to change. She has a support group of seven of us girls that I'm going to become part of. She's talking about testing my hormone levels, and even a gender marker test to see just what my x's and y's are saying about me. In her teaching, she wants me, ME! to become a show-and-tell subject for her class! I don't know if I can do that. As I've said before, I'm not one that can get up on stage in front of people. But who knows, I may just let her push me. I need someone with a cattle prod to get me going.

Girls, I thought going through this free clinic I'd get a therapist like all of the rest that I've seen, clueless, especially when it comes to gender disorders. She knows her business, so much so that it scares me somewhat. I was looking for a slow pony and got a fast racehorse! Now all I have to do is hang on to the reigns and ride!



Leslie Ann said...

I'm so happy for you, Steph! You got the real deal! And she'll put you on proper meds finally. You'll be a very different person soon. Will we still recognize you?

Don't let go of that horse!

chrissie said...


Oh, that is such good news...


love and hugs,

chrissie said...

"I was looking for a slow pony and got a fast racehorse! Now all I have to do is hang on to the reigns and ride!"

Side-saddle. :)


alan said...

Chrissie, far "quicker" than I, hit that one over the fence!

My mind was playing "Ride, Stephie, Ride"!


Le visage d'avril said...

Awesome, just in time! I am very happy it came together for you.