Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meds re-organisation

My mother was quite progressive in her taste in music. The first album I remember her turning me on to was, In-a-godda-da-vida, by Iron Butterfly. That kinda knocked me for a loop. Then she brought home the Steppenwolf album featuring the song 'The Pusher', a song about an addict damning his drug dealer. I never thought I would ever associate the song with my Dr., but he is no more than a drug dealer, as I'm beginning to think most Drs. are. They put you on a drug and send you out the door knowing that it is going to put you face down in the dust. Then when you come back to them complaining that you don't like being dinged out all the time, they act upset that you didn't like their "cure". I never was one that liked the downer type of drugs, I always wanted something to get me up, keep me awake to party more. This Seroquel has turned my brain to mush. I can't think, I'm not interacting with people, my wife included, and I basically feel like a blob of poo. I'd rather have high highs and low lows than to be stuck in a constant low. And to top it off, the sleep that I am getting is restless, nightmarish sleep that leaves me tired anyway. Add to that, the high dose of Naproxen that I'm on for my arthritis is tearing my stomach up. Something has to change. I'm to a point where I think it's time to throw away all the drugs, clean my system out, and start over. Can you say cold turkey? Look out world, the bitch is coming back.



Calie said...

Hang in there, sweetie. GD the Pusherman.... I know the words.

Nothing wrong with being a bitch if it means you get the old YOU back. I won't bail on you.

Calie xxx

Melissa said...

Stephanie, watch out for that Naproxen, it's dangerous stuff. It is good for relieving inflamation, but it is also notorious for sending people to the hospital with internal bleeding. Another drawback is that it is very hard on the kidneys and can elevate blood pressure. The older you are, the worse it effects on you. I used to take it for my knees, but had to stop, because after a couple of days, I felt like I had been punched in stomach, by Mike Tyson. What has helped my arthritis more than anything, was practically eliminating red meat from my diet and eating a lot of oily cold water fish with Omega-3 fatty acids, like tuna, sardines, and salmon. I also switched to olive oil. I used to walk a lot for exercise, and that tended to stress the knees, but now I mostly ride a bike for exercise.