Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just learning

Like all of you girls on this journey, I have intently studied women. Throughout the years, I have studied how they walk, talk, and move gracefully about, so that if or when I was ever able to present my female self I'd be ready. I studied. I didn't learn a thing. Let me explain.
When all that studying was going on, I was doing it from a completely different perspective. That testosterone influenced male shadow of a being looked at women differently that this estrogen influenced one does. The women in turn acted differently to that male than they do this female. I'm having to learn an entire new set of rules when it comes to interacting with women. One thing that I've noticed is that women turn and look you in the eye when they talk with you. They have genuine interest in what you are saying and when you see them again, they will ask you to give an update on the subject. Men could care less about what you are talking about. They continue doing what they were doing never looking at you, and all but ignoring you. These are all generalisations, so don't any of you caring , cuddly men get all crazy on me. ...Oooo, a caring, cuddly man all crazy on me! mmmm ...Where was I
Anyhow, ..Interacting with women as a woman is a lot different than it was before this change. I'll be glad when I'm more proficient at it. I have time to learn, the rest of my life.


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