Thursday, July 23, 2009

Riding with Dr. H

After a long and trying day yesterday, I couldn't stay awake long enough to include some things in last nights entry, so here's more.
The mechanics of my visit, what is going to be done, is to try and get me my baseline blood work tests so she can switch my meds. I say try because the clinic usually doesn't authorize these tests due to the cost. They are going to try and make an exception just for me, since I'm one of a kind! lol ..Dr. H wants the blood work done so she can switch my meds, off of Serequel, and switched to either Risperdal or Invega. (An on-line search didn't make me happy about using either one of these drugs) She also wanted to take me off both my Spiro and Estrogen, the reasoning behind that I don't know, but I flatly refused to do it. I explained what happened when I went on them, (nearly stopped all drinking and illegal drugs, anger departed) and told her how I felt when I had an on-line screw-up getting them. Three weeks of pure hell ensued. I was THE bitch! She decided I could stay on them.
Of course I couldn't leave without a new appointment, so we went to the front desk to set things up. In doing so, Dr. H was explaining to the head nurse, Sharon, who shows great care in trying to help me, what tests she wants done and the drugs she wants me on. You would have had your head spinning on your shoulders listening to this conversation. Both of them inter-changed the 'he' and 'she' pronouns so much that anyone would have been confused about which they were by the time they were able to walk away. Once I was back in my car, I wished I'd have jumped in and told them to get it right. Next time it happens, I politely will. The world needs an education on this matter. ..."Hey world! If it looks like a duck, call it a duck! ...The duck will correct you if you are wrong."
As I really have no other options available to me, I guess I'll ride this roller coaster with Dr. H and see where we go. If it goes into that dark, scary tunnel though, I will be the only one coming out of the other end. She will have been thrown overboard!


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chrissie said...

I think that's a very reasonable and fair attitude to take, Steph.