Saturday, July 18, 2009


I watch as people rush about, a purpose in their step. Their demeanor focused, going forward, traveling to a planned destiny. I shuffle about, nowhere, somewhere, minutes passing, days passing. I'm alone in a fog, a damp, misty sightless gloom. I see no joy, no ending to the story, no 'happily ever after'. I go without, within myself, one step this way, one step that, turning circles. The dark ever present. I'm lost, not lost, just not awake, not aware. Deceiving myself? Theft by deception. A life stolen, rearranged, unrecognised by those who care. Those who care, but who? Whom?
Alone, by myself in my dark corner, watching people with a purpose....


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Melissa said...

I wonder how many of us have shared those exact same sentiments? I know I frequently feel that way. Stephanie, you have a wonderful gift of expression. Have you ever thought about writing?

Girl, I want you yo know that I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Take care, sweetie. :-)

Melissa XX OO