Thursday, July 16, 2009

What goes up, must come down

I wrote yesterday that I was in a good place with life's happenings. That was yesterday.

It looks like after the end of the month I won't have a job. It's not definite yet, but all but. I found out today, (Wed) that the woman in charge of our contract, has taken to telling lies about our cleaning, giving herself a reason to get rid of us. There's nothing I can do. It's not been said, there's nothing to make me believe this, but it sure seems that it's all about me being trans. But then, that's where my mind goes when I'm stressed like I am. My world is crashing.



Leslie Ann said...

I wish I could say something that would help, but I'm at a loss. It's a good time to have a shrink appointment. Work on a plan with her if you can. You need to be ready for the worst and hope for the best.

You'll be in my thoughts, Stephanie.


alan said...

If it happens, Karma will deal with her and I hope you end up somehow you end up with a better job and a better employer!

Thinking of you...


chrissie said...

Hold on for a while, Stephanie.

There's always loose talk, and sometimes it can be smoke within fire.

My fingers are crossed for you.

Lots of love

Melissa said...

"I was sitting in the bathtub counting my toes,
when the radiator broke, water all froze.
I got stuck in the ice without my clothes,
naked as the eyes of a clown.
I was crying ice cubes hoping I'd croak,
when the sun come through the window, the ice all broke.
I stood up and laughed thought it was a joke
That's the way that the world goes 'round."

"That's the way that the world goes 'round.
You're up one day and the next you're down.
It's half an inch of water and you think you're gonna drown.
That's the way that the world goes 'round." - John Prine

It's probably all about the economy, Stephanie. Companies are trying to cut costs everywhere they can. It would probably be cheaper right now, to have their own employees do some of the housekeeping. I know you are worried, but hang in their girl! Things often have a way of working themselves out.