Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taking care of each other

I've never had to take care of Patty Lou before, except for something like the flu. She's had to care for me twice in our marriage. The first time was when I had a disc problem in my lower back causing me to be bent over at a ninety degree angle and laying on my stomach on a hard fold out couch for 4 months before they decided to remove the blown disc. She even had to wipe my ....bottom, as I couldn't reach back there. The second time was for another 4 months when I broke my leg and the Dr. put a screw through a nerve causing my foot to feel like it was in a vise. After removing the screw it slowly got better. To say that both times I was a bitch to care for would be an understatement. Unlike me, she has been the perfect patient.
Now, I'll tell you that I knew and appreciated that she does nearly all the housework, with me doing all of those typical things a husband does, mow, fix things, car repair, but knowing and doing what she does is two different things. It's only been two days and I find I don't have time to get everything done. I'm busy until it's time to leave for work, which might be a good thing, because I don't have time to dwell on my problems. Already I feel like I'm going to get through this tough time. I have people at work who are trying to pick up my spirits, offering me hope, understanding my situation. I just need to be a bit more optimistic and stop thinking that just because I'm transgendered that I'll never be able to find work again. Pre-transition when I would be out of work, it always seemed that something would come my way just in time to keep us afloat. Patty Lou would worry, I would be confident. With my transition, it's just the opposite.
Taking care of each other is a big part of a marriage. Seems we both picked the right partner to make it though this life.



Amy K. said...

It sounds like you both complement each other well. I wish Patty Lou a swift recovery, and the best of luck to you on the job front (you and me both)! :)

chrissie said...

Steph, I am sorry to hear both those pieces of news, love.

You have each other, and sometimes it needs a test like that to make one realise the truth of things.

If you need to talk or rant, you have my email, honey..


alan said...

Your own strength has gotten you through so much in this life; the combined power of the two of you together is something that will get you through anything!

Yes, I think you found "the one"!

I hope she feels better soon!