Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, that's just great...

I've got problems. While sitting here writing dribble, my computer goes dead, along with an air conditioner, 6 wall plugs, the drier, and all the overhead lights. When I did construction work, the one thing I never learned how to be was an electrician. I can run a new circuit, but that's about all. I have no knowledge of how to backtrack a dead one. A breaker didn't pop, so I don't even know which one it is. It must be a burned out wire, but I have no idea how to find it. And, without knowing which breaker it is, that means it's still hot up to the break, so I'll be worried about a fire starting.
Maybe it will rain money overnight so I can hire an electrician. ...sigh

Update, 5 hours later: ...I asked, and Patty Lou said she would try to handle this electric problem, dealing with calls and arrangements. She can see that I'm at the freyed end of my rope and I need to just shut down for awhile. Drinking more used to be my solution. Now I just turn within myself, getting quiet, allowing no emotion, my self preservation mode. I feel I'm ripe for doing something dumb.



Melissa said...


Your circuit leaves the breaker in the panel box, and then branches out to the various devices (receptacles, lamps, appliances, etc.). On the way, it branches out through junction boxes. A junction box is where branch circuits are tied together with wire nuts. Sometimes when a house is wired, an incompetent electrician will use the wrong size wire nut, or simply not twist them tight enough. You will have to find the junction boxes, usually located above the ceiling, or below the basement floor, and check them for good connections.

Also, sometimes a receptacle or light fixture will be used as a junction for a branch circuit, so you will have to check those connections to, if you can't find a problem in a junction box. JUST REMEMBER TO TURN THE CIRCUIT BREAKER OFF IN YOUR PANEL, BEFORE YOU HANDLE ANY WIRING.

Stephanie, before you do anything, PLEASE check out this website first! And sweetie, PLEASE be careful! Wear a pair of CLEAN leather gloves.


Melissa said...

Ooops! I forgot to give you the link to the electrical troubelshooting website. Hear it is: http:/


Anonymous said...

"I feel I'm ripe for doing something dumb." God girl! I know the feeling. Take the advice Melissa and use the website and if you aren't feeling comfortable find a friend who does electricity. I have screwed up more than my fair share of things doing something rash. I had to install a ceiling fan a few months ago and finally gave up. It turns out that the electrician had a hard time too, because of the wiring job done in this house previously. I have learned that thinking things over and sometimes walking away from something can save you big money.