Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disturbing sight

Shortly after getting to work today, I heard that they had laid-off another 39 people. That makes about 90 or 1/4 of the work force since March. And as usual, it's almost without exception, people who were hourly wage earners, the ones least able to survive this depression. I went along cleaning tonight, wondering if I knew any of them, when I saw this in the front office. It's a pile consisting of 39 badges of the people let go today. (pics a little fuzzy, sorry) I just stared at it, nearly reduced to tears. When you see the faces of those people smiling at the camera, happy that they had gotten a decent job, and then you know they are gone now, well, it just hurt me. Their picture put that human touch to those numbers that didn't seem to mean much when first heard. Sad, it's just sad....

I should know something on our contract by the end of the week. They have to give us a week notice before letting us go. A new contract would start Aug. 1st. I'm very worried.


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chrissie said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Steph.

I mean, after all, they STILL have to keep things clean, don't they?