Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Work, giggling, and a cute guy

I still haven't heard any news on a contract yet. This waiting to find out if you have a job for another year is torture. I had to talk with the woman who is in charge of issuing the contract, telling her she needed a plumber in one of the bathrooms. I've only had to deal with her once before and she seemed real nervous with me. Tonight she was a bit more at ease. Maybe that's a good thing. OMG! Maybe it's because she knows I won't be there much longer. Arrrrrrr!! I'd be pulling my hair out if it wasn't too thin already!

And tonight I had a little fun at work.
First off, work is about the only place I go where I interact with people. I go to the gay bar, but I'm not treated the same there as I am at work. I think you understand. Gay people treat me differently than straight people do. With the people at work being friendly to me, it bolsters my self image, an affirmation of me being a woman.
Now, some of my women friends and I, have talked about everything that any two women would talk about, and everything about me. Amanda being one of them. She's a 28yr old, pretty blond, with a figure to die for! Oh, and married. Ya, so am I! ...Anyway... I'm standing in the hallway right in front of her cubical, when a very, very, VERY! cute guy comes walking toward me. He says 'hi'. I give him my flirty, big eyed, smiling, sexy voice, 'hi' , then I turn and watch him walk the next 200 feet until he leaves at the end of the hall. Amanda is watching this. I see her watching me and I go 'woo'. And then I explain how most men don't turn me on, But that one... And then we get to talkin' about men, their short comings, basically dissing the whole gender. Both of us are giggling like school girls! Thank goodness there wasn't anyone else within hearing range. She had been gathering her stuff to go home, so we said good night, still giggling. That 10 minutes of girl talk with her tonight was priceless, the part of my job worth having to clean toilets to get. Now, if I could just get 10 minutes (alone) with that cute guy, maybe I could talk him into.......!



The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

"No matter if you're single or taken, an office crush makes the day go by real fast." -Aunt Janet

Melissa said...

There is nothing more self affirming, than a friendly girl on girl conversation, with an accepting natal female. That was one of the reasons I loved going to the salons so much when I was young. I'll never forget one day in particular, when I went in for a day of pampering. After already getting a hair cut, a perm, a facial, and having my eyebrows tweezed, and my make up done, the woman doing my nails and I had the most wonderful girl on girl conversation. She was about 20 years older than I was, and she talked to me just like I was her daughter. It was one of those rare precious times in my life, when all doubts were removed, and I felt so
authentically female.

I know the feeling about the cute guy. I think many of us have a bi component to our sexuality. I'm not normally attracted to men either, but every now and then I will meet that rare cute guy, with the sweet personality, and I start fantasizing about what it would be like to be his wife.