Monday, July 13, 2009


I don't know why, but I've been feeling pretty good lately. Since I started this transition, when there has been adversity in my life, I've been falling apart rather easily. I didn't do that pre-transition. Guess the hormones keep my emotions at the top of my limits and I become rattled quicker. It's a trade off. You feel the pain much more, but you feel the love much more. I like where I am.

And the adversity, well, let's see.

The electric problems aren't fixed. It hasn't shut off completely, but I can tell that there are still problems because of the flickering, and dimming of the lights on those few circuits that have been affected. My finances aren't right to have another electrician look at it, but that might be a good thing, 'cause I'm asking questions and getting a better understanding of what it could be and what it isn't. I'll soon have this figured out on my own. Then I'll shut everything off and fix it myself. I took extra precautions though in buying new batteries for the smoke detectors.

The car has been trying my patience lately. ('93 Jimmy) Two weeks ago, I replaced the starter on it. (that was fun) It had been acting up for sometime now, so it wasn't a surprise. I do procrastinate just a little. OK, a lot! Likewise, the front brake pads have been 'talking' to me, telling me, (screaming at me) to please replace them. So, after I got off of work yesterday, in 101 degree heat, I did a front brake job. By doing it myself, I saved about $80. The downside is, while doing it, I saw a nail in the sidewall of a back tire, so there goes the $80. ...sigh

The contract for our janitorial services was re-written and sent for us to look at. It's still a mess. Things that need everyday attention are still not going to be done. In their attempt to save money, they're going to wind up paying more by the time they get it right. The woman in charge of this hasn't got a clue what she's doing, and is too stubborn to ask for help. Oh well, their loss. I'm pretty sure I'll still have a job when it's all said and done. My angst over this problem is subsiding somewhat. YEAH!

And in the 'men are pigs' category.

I went to the bar Friday night and met a man who coincidentally is working at Triumph. He's contract labor for a new addition they're building. He asked to sit with me, saying he had always been fascinated with transsexuals. (tranny chaser) There was good conversation between us for the 1 1/2 hrs. he sat with me, if you overlooked that every ten minutes he would bring up the subject of sex. Tell me. How many times does a girl have to say NO! before a man understands what that means? (I know, they never understand) I guess, in a way I should be flattered by his attention, as I could plainly see (yep, plainly see!) that I turned him on. (HUGE!) The old me would have said yes. The new me is a good girl. He went home alone, and so did I. Guess I'm growing up. It sure took awhile.



chrissie said...

"There was good conversation between us for the 1 1/2 hrs. he sat with me, if you overlooked that every ten minutes he would bring up the subject of sex."



alan said...

Glad you saw the nail before you heard a pop and the back end started walking at freeway speed! Sorry about the $80!

I put a radial inner tube in one once and got two more years out of it, but when I hit that 2nd nail it was like a cannon went off on that corner, the sidewall blew completely out and the back of my '71 Impala jumped about 3 feet sideways...I was glad my bladder was empty!

Some of us figure each "no" is one step closer to "yes"...proving all the pig or dog analogies correct!


Angel said...
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