Monday, July 6, 2009

And now it gets strange

Well now. So I get up this morning and, low and behold, all the electric circuits that were dead yesterday are now working! All I did was look at things that I knew nothing about, so I didn't do anything to fix the problem. What I have determined is that the outage was all on the right side of my main breaker box, leaving me to believe there is a short in the main breaker on just that side. But I'm not sure, and until it quits again, an electrician wouldn't be able to tell me either. So I wait, ...and start sticking some money back to pay for it when it does occur. (OMG! I'm planning ahead! I never did THAT before!)



Angel said...
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alan said...

I know there are some brands of breaker noted for doing this, though I can't recall the names right now. Intermittent and eventually failing...if there is a main at the top of the box or outside where you can cut the power to everything then changing one is simple enough; if there's no way to kill the power than please pay someone, 'cuz I've been "bit" enough times for both of us!


chrissie said...


Get an electrician to look at it.

A good one should be able to find even an intermittant problem. If there's a loose connection it will almost certainly be high resistance even when connected and "working".

That means it should be possible to find it by testing.

It's a safety issue.

An intermitant high resistance connection can start a fire.