Monday, July 27, 2009

A little story tonight

I've written that it's been looking like I would be out of work. Well, now there is a glimmer of hope that we will get the contract.
All last week, emails sent to the woman in charge of our contract were being ignored. We were sure we were out of the door with someone else taking over. Last Friday morning, the president of the company needed his sport coat dry cleaned and pressed and low and behold he went to the cleaners where my wife works the front counter. She saw he had a Triumph shirt on, so she asked him what he did there. He told her he was the 'head'. She asked which department, again he said the head. (She had no idea he was the president!) She told him her daughter had the cleaning contract there, but she may not be there after the end of this month because it didn't look like the contract was going to be re-newed. He seemed interested, but didn't ask any questions. Late Friday, the emails were being answered, and a meeting is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. The presidents secretary has been well pleased with our eagerness to help her out when she needed something special done. Seems that, just maybe, the president said something to her about the cleaning contract and she started asking questions.
There's no way of knowing, but if we get this contract, I'm near 100% sure it will have been because of Patty Lou. The girl likes to talk, and this time she may have talked to the right person. I should know this week.

Oh! The clinic OK'd the expense for my blood work, so I go get that done tomorrow, well, it's today now!


Melissa said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Melissa XX

alan said...

I hope it all works out...a big hug to Patty Lou if it does!

Cynically, I wonder exactly what was going on as well...