Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are the men in white coats here?

Yes, it's time for me to be put in the padded room, ...again. I had to throw in that again 'cause of one night spent in there when I told the Army all about Stephanie. They weren't amused! ...Anyhow, I'm sure I've lost it, it being my sanity. For when my new hairdresser explained to me how she was going to add hair to my thin spots and then said it would cost $500, I said, ..."When can you do it?" Knowing that this will not last long, knowing also that I won't have the money to re-do it when it comes time, and me not having a clue as to what to expect when done, I still went and gave her 5 one hundred dollar bills that I had hidden in my pretty little wallet, all the time thinking, "What will Patty Lou say?" ...sigh

She thinks I'm crazy too, but she didn't give me any grief over spending the money. Ain't she a sweety?!!! ...So Monday the 23rd, at 9am, I'll be in the chair getting 'something'? done to my hair. It's suppose to take about 6 hours so I'll be going straight to work when Jessica is done. ...BIG SIGH...I'll be surprised, they'll be surprised, and I hope you'll be surprised when I post a pick later that night.

..............OMG! I've posted a blog with a cliff hanger! lol

.......................(there's the before pic)


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alan said...

Sometimes you just hafta...

And though I'd know I should go to work right after to help pay for it, it would probably be the last place I'd want to go!