Thursday, March 19, 2009


I walked in on someone tonight. Yep, into the men's bathroom only to look straight at, um, well he was hung, let's put it that way! I didn't think anyone was in there, I'd been cleaning around the entrance for at least 10 min. without anyone going in. I don't know what he was doin' all that time, but he was tucking things away when I walked in. I not so quickly hide my eyes, (it seemed like a long time anyway!) and said, "Oops!" "Sorry." Apparently, I had on a little too much blush because when he was coming out, he stopped and said he didn't mean to embarrass me. (Believe me, I didn't blush! maybe a tingle and a shutter! a hot flash or two!) I looked myself up and down, done the finger point, and said, "If I wasn't able to get over a little embarrassment, I wouldn't be able to leave the house." We laughed, and went our separate ways. Then I realized it's been a long time since that statement was true. It was true before I stopped wearing the 'bimbo' look, which coincided with the HRT kicking in, which decreased my sex drive, making it seem pointless to have a butt showing skirt on. Jeans and a top took it's place. I never was embarrassed about appearing as female, but was embarrassed for what I was wearing. Testosterone made me do it! Evil stuff!

We all have to learn how to handle embarrassment, get past it, otherwise we couldn't take that first step out of the house. That's just one of the things that bonds us all together. ...I wonder. Is there any other group that can say that?


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