Sunday, March 8, 2009

Transsexual curious...

When it comes to sex, in the eyes of men, straight men, it seems that I'm an interesting oddity. Both Fri. and Sat. nite I found myself sitting down at the bar with two different men who had walked from the hotel across the street and wandered into the gay bar. Both were suppose to be straight, although how you can say your straight and then want to take a tranny to your hotel room is beyond me. Fridays was about ten years older than me and I believe was under the influence of Viagra. (sweating, eyes that said he HAD to have sex now) He didn't have any chance with me, and wouldn't have had much chance even when I was being a little drunken slut in my pre-trans days. Saturday's was 47, rugged looking, bigger than me, and mmmm, mmmm, good looking. He was kind, considerate, and didn't come-on too strong. My kind of man! Pre-trans, I'd have been dragging him out the door, but I was a good girl. He went to his room alone, and I went home alone. The thing about this is, I want to see what it's like being with a man when I'm not blitzed out of my mind. I've never had sex with a man when I was sober, and I haven't been with a man since my transition started. I am VERY curious to say the least, especially since men are looking a lot different to me than they used to. I'm thinking in terms of which ones are handsome and which ones aren't, which ones I'd like to, and which ones I wouldn't. Sex has been on my mind a bunch lately, especially submissive sex, my favorite, and the only kind I can have now. And by now, I'm sure your saying, "Your a married girl!" And I'm remembering that too. It's all very frustrating.
...I'm sure there will be more on this subject to come.


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