Thursday, March 26, 2009

Only one Little Debbie to choose from...

There are no bad experiences, for even when something doesn't go like we expected, we still learn from them. That's a good thing, we've become smarter.
I learned some things during this weeks 'hair debacle'. First I learned what didn't work, so I won't try that again! That try, though costly, let me rule out just one hopeful endeavor to fix my hair problem, there are still more options. Second, one of those options is a wig, a last resort option, but one that I know will absolutely fix said problem. A cure, fixed, a working solution. True, I will have some discomfort with wearing a wig, both mental, which I will become adjusted to, and some physical, which won't be, or never has been before, as great as having those hair pulling, head itching, not being able to brush your hair properly, pieces of hair attached to my own hair. Sleeping was hell! At least the wig comes off when you don't want it or need it, extensions don't. ...See how smart I've gotten?!! ...sigh
Something else I learned was, as I realized that the extensions weren't going to work, my reluctance to wearing a wig dwindled. ...If you only had one Little Debbie to choose from instead of 15 different varieties, and you absolutely had to have one for your munchies satisfaction, that one would do just fine, and may even become your favorite, given time!
...Do I think way too much? Ya, I analyse everything in my quest to learn 'why'. It gives all those voices in my head something to discuss, which as you can see, didn't leave me alone long enough so I could take that break I said, and know, I need. I've thought it through, it's written, maybe I can put it to bed.

...Oh, I did go get my drivers licence re-newed before the extensions were taken out. A pretty pic for the next 4 years. woohoo!


Chrissie said...

Positive Mental Attitude!

Way to go, Steph..!!


The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

You would have had a pretty pic regardless! I think you're absolutely gorgeous and as anyone who knows me can tell you: I am never wrong LOL.
I'm proud of you, Steph.

Anonymous said...

Stephe I didn't want to say anything on your previous post because I thought, ya right, we'll see how long this lasts. But I also silently hoped that maybe this bad experience would give you the resolve to make it back to living as a man again. You see I keep thinking about that myself and I can't find a way back. I kind of want to see some one do it to maybe show me it can be done.

There must be a way back but how sad any of us might be in doing so just might destroy us. So I don't know what to say to trans friends anymore. Half of me wants to be pro trans and supportive and the other half wants to shout "STOP, turn back before it' too late!"

At 54 I'm up there with you in age been back and forth in transition since I was in my twenties. Now my hair is receding so much that the bangs don't always cover the bad spots. It's getting so bad that I have taken to wearing hats. We're so poor right now I can't afford a wig. like your last post I think F this I can't fight my maleness anymore.

All the crap it causes. All the expense it costs us monetarily and in relationships it really doesn't seem worth it. So you wasted $500 well I know how that hurts especially when your poor. I wasted $2000 January last year on laser to try and get rid of more of my beard. Sadly after a year it doesn't seem to have been worth the money. I still have some dark hairs coming up and all the gray and blond is still there.

Every time I look in the mirror with shaving cream on my face and see my hairline naturally parting to show my male receding hairline I cringe. Ya sometimes I cry too.

You have my sympathy Stephe I have a good idea of how this all hurts and how we are left with nothing else but to some how deal with it.

Sorry about the long rant I guess I needed to vent a bit too.