Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ask Stephanie...

There are marker, chalk, and cork boards all over the office/cubical part of the plant where I work. They like posting graphs and, well, you name it, and it's on a board for all to see. I was thinking tonight how I'd like to have my own board, sort of an 'Ask Stephanie' board. They could ask me anything, I wouldn't put any limits on the questions. Wouldn't that be fun! Even though I've talked to a lot of the people there, I know that things get assumed and guessed about me. With it on my board the whole plant would get first hand knowledge of me and no gossip or rumors could be spread, not that I've heard any. The board thought came to mind when I saw the new guy being clued in about me tonight. I could see it from across the plant floor. He was told, he goes, "NO, really," while looking at me from about sixty feet away. (Alright!, I look good at that distance!) It made me wonder just what was said, not that I care, but I'd like to get the facts straight anyway. There's 375 people that work there, and I only interact with about 60. Can you just imagine what the rest of them have heard through the grapevine? I'd like to educate them with the facts so they have a realistic image of what transgirls are all about. Not that I'm the best example, but I'm the only one they got. (Another would be nice!)
Yep, the more I think of it, everyone should have a board. But then, most people aren't as open about their life as I am. There would probably be a lot of blank boards or boards with, "Author refuses to disclose." There are very few things that I haven't written about either here or on my old 360 blog, and they would hurt someone else so you'll never hear about them. Guess I lied, there's a line drawn already. ...sigh
...jees, I'm rambling. Time for bed.
So what do you want to know? Just ask Stephanie!


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