Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some day...

Yes, I'm one of those people, the kind that keeps saying 'some day'. I'm a procrastinator, I put things off, sometimes indefinitely. The things that I HAVE to do, if it's something that I'd rather not do, or if it might be embarrassing to me, I wait until the last minute to do and then begrudgingly do it. It's come the time for one of those 'have to's'.
My birthday is coming up, and it's time I renewed my drivers license, they expire in 24 days. Knowing that I want to have something done with my hair before the new picture, I've been saying 'some day' for a long time now. My reasons for putting this off are valid, at least to me, but as you know, a 'have to' trumps all reasons. My list of reasons are: First, I will be going into the holiest of places for women, the beauty shop. This and one more time will make two times that I will have been in this sanctuary for women. This alone rattles my nerves. Add to it, I'll out myself as a M-F transsexual with a thin hair problem who has no idea what can or can't be done to fix this problem. And then to top it off, I'll have to SHOW them this problem. Can I chose the firing squad instead? Or maybe allow me a Valium? I promise I won't abuse it!
...sigh ...Tomorrow it's sink or swim, do or die, hair or yuk for a picture which will be on display for the next 4 yrs. Now I've written it here, y'all have been told. I'll feel like such a fool if I don't go through with it. Y'all are my cattle prod. Now zap my a** through the door!


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