Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prayers answered...

I stopped praying the, 'please make me a girl' prayer a long time ago. In fact, other than asking that my family be alright, I stopped praying FOR anything. When something good happens, I've found that saying thank you to whoever is in charge up there works best for me.
Monday, in my excitement about my hair, I neglected to tell you that my Florida daughter had wrecked her car. She hydroplaned, hit the guard rail, then flipped her '07 Mustang 4 times. She was wearing her seat belt, unlike the girl she was giving a ride to, but both of them were able to walk away with only cuts and bruises. My thank you prayer came right after I heard that she was alright. I never felt that I had a very good relationship with whoever or whatever is in charge up there. I haven't been the best person in the world, breaking most commandments, so I won't ask for anything for myself. All I'll keep asking for is that my family be safe and healthy, and say my thank yous when something good does happen for me.



Chrissie said...

Oh gosh. Hope that everything is OK. They were both so lucky!

alan said...

Glad they are both all right!

Glad you raised a believer in seatbelts!