Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bits and pieces...

Let's see, the weekend. I did nothing all day Fri. Primped a little during the day, then went out Fri. nite. I should have stayed home. Everyone stayed home waiting for the Miss Gay Hot Springs Pageant on Sat nite. I went home early opting for a good night sleep. Sat., I met Patty Lou at Wal*Mart after she got off work, a normal Sat. How can two people eat $120 worth of groceries in a week, every week? When we first got married, that would have paid a weeks worth of groceries, ...and a house payment! Ahhhh! Time flies...
Since I'm not fond of pageants, we went to Patty Lou's favorite restaurant Sat. nite. and then rented a movie, (Milk) and went home and relaxed. And no, this wasn't a, "gee I feel so guilty for spending $500 on hair" date, although we did joke about that. I had already told her I was taking her before I set the hair appointment, which got changed to Tues. so you'll have to wait 'til then for pics! While we were at the restaurant, a man from work who has been noticeably avoiding me, stopped at our table and said hi, wife and two daughters with him. Surprised me! There were quite a few workers from the restaurant stop by to say hi too. It's as though we are celebrities! ..."You love me! You really love me!" ...Who knew trannydom could have it's rewards?!
Today was a work day. ...yuk, ...but easy. Now your caught up on this exciting life of a girl in transition. It's becoming too frickin' normal!


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alan said...

Sacking groceries as I finished high school (72-72) $75 would have gotten you 5 or 6 "barrel bags" in a cart; now you'd be lucky if it were more than one!