Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something stinks!

"A man wearing women's clothes was arrested for sexual misconduct in a city park here in Arkansas. He was standing outside a women's bathroom masturbating and trying to lure children into the bathroom."

.......This story ran last night on our local news, the first of it's kind as far as I can remember. What bothers me about this story is it follows the rantings of these religious groups trying to stop transsexuals from getting any legal rights near verbatim. It's just too perfect.

"Men in dresses will go into the women's bathroom to molest our children if we give transsexuals the legal right to be in there."

....... I don't know, call me paranoid, but it seems like this might just be a set up. This man has never been in trouble before so other than registering as a sex offender, he won't get much of a penalty for this crime. A poor man will do almost anything for what seems to be a lot of money to him, when in reality it's just a drop in the bucket for a group of fanatics bent on keeping us from obtaining any transgender rights. Now the citizens of Arkansas have an unfavorable opinion of ANY "man" wearing women's clothes, we're all molesters. Do you think that these anti-rights people would do this? Coincidence? I don't know, but it sure stinks to me.

PS: Went and seen two hairdressers today. Neither of them had a favorable solution for the thin hair problem, so I'll keep looking and gathering information.



alan said...

I saw this late last night when you posted it but was heading off to bed bleary eyed and was going to see what I heard on the news today about it. So far, nothing, but I'm probably not watching the "right" channel (and would gouge my eyes out before I turned it on, sorry).

Yes, it seems a bit too convenient. It would be interesting to see who represents him when he goes to court and who pays for them!

As evidenced by my photo, I haven't worried much about my own thinning hair, but wonder if vitamins might help a bit. I know "E" is supposed to be good for that and as an antioxidant. I know that my wife and my d-i-l's hair were never more luxurious than when they were on pre-natal vitamins and wonder if you could duplicate some of what is in them without getting the things you don't need?


Angel said...
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