Saturday, August 22, 2009


For all of you full time girls, I give you this advise. When all your friends and acquaintances smile at you and tell you how glad they are for you that your transitioning, be aware that smiling faces tell lies. When you really need them, they won't come to your rescue, you will be on your own. Suddenly, you won't be seen as a brave girl who is finally being able to become herself, you will be a crazy man in a dress, someone to avoid.



Anonymous said...

Maybe true for a skanky hick. Dont try to pull all of us down into your drunken life.

Amy K. said...

Never mind that anonymous person. Hiding behind the computer, how brave this person is!

I've had positive experiences with all my friends who have remained my friend. When coming out to everyone, I knew right away who was "in the fold" and who was not. Keep the best and f--k the rest. ;)

Stephanie said...

Only the 'hit and run' of an ignorant ass who hasn't been reading my blog would leave a comment like you, Anonymous. If you would read earlier blogs, you would have seen that I haven't had a 'drunken life' in over three years. And just because I live in Arkansas, that doesn't automatically make me a 'skanky hick'. I've yet to receive that badge of honor.
All further comments from you will be deleted.

Calie said...

What an awful comment from this anonymous scum. Steph, you are one strong woman.

Calie xxx

Carolyn Ann said...

Wow - that was quite a nasty comment.

I'm sorry to hear about your job.

My Mom told me, years ago, to beware of all those who say they're behind you. Mostly because you'll need binoculars to see them. It hasn't passed my attention that they're also perfectly placed for the knifing.

Hang in there. It's tough for everyone. But never let "them" get to you - it might be hard, but you have to believe in yourself, and in your future.

Carolyn Ann