Saturday, August 8, 2009

Transitioning by the Numbers

There should be detailed instructions in how to transition. You know, do this first, do that second. Don't start here because you can't go back. Did I miss the memo? I would think in all of my blog reading I would have run across it. I passed by #1, have the financial security to continue to the end. Stuck in the middle because you lack the money to go forward is no fun. (been living that one for awhile now) Hair problems should also be addressed, probably #2, no , maybe that should be #3. A gender therapist should be #2. After all, if your not able to keep your head screwed on straight, there is no need for perfect hair! I recommend not starting at #4 like I did. Hormones make boobs. If you have to re-group back to your old self, boobs on a man are going to be asked about frequently. (I may have to deal with that one soon) I don't know how to put the rest of transition in the proper order. I haven't been able to think that far ahead. I didn't pass 'Go', I can't collect $200. Monopoly money doesn't spend well anyway! I do own property, but it's no Boardwalk or Park Place. It's more like Baltic Avenue with a house that's comfortable. If I sell it though, a bankruptcy I'm paying off will eat up too much profits. I may have no choice, as I can't make the payment soon. ...sigh.
Seems I've rolled the dice, snake eyes has come up, and I landed on ...Go to Jail, Go directly to Jail!



Leslie Ann said...

Steph, starting transition is like having a kid. No one would ever do it if they waited for their finances to be perfect. But from the stories you've told, if you were still 100% male, you'd likely be in jail, detox, divorced or dead. You're a better person having transitioned as much as you have.

Tonight's Pollyanna moment has been brought to you by LeslieCo, making America brighter one word at a time.

Melissa said...

Stephanie, who ever said that transitioning had to be a non-stop, linear continuum? Don't get yourself down too far, sweetie. You have no idea what the future holds for you. The recession appears to be coming to an end, and that means that jobs will eventually become available again. In the mean time, is there a community free clinc, you can get some hormonal assistance from?


Le visage d'avril said...

Everyone seems to have a way to transition. The stories are all different.

If you rented your place could you make money or break even? It might be possible to find a cheaper rental near a new job or more resources.

Do you get unemployment?

Calie said...

Stephanie, you're on the right track but perhaps a bit down at this moment. Another job will come your way. You don't ever want to go back, sweetie. Just stay the course.

Thinking of you...

@Leslie - Always love your comments, girl!

Calie xxx

Jill Davidson said...

I hope you don't have to go back to living as a man. But boobs don't have to raise questions, at least not in settings where you are presenting male and dressed. I still have to play male at work, and I wear compression shirts - they are comfortable and there's been no embarrassing questions. A transman told me about this place, Underworks: