Thursday, August 27, 2009

A preliminary verdict on the new meds.

With only two doses in me, it's pretty early to judge what the long term effects will be. That is, if I can withstand taking them for very long! The Invega, a nerve pill I take during the day, seems to do it's job without any bad side effects. There's no groggy feeling, something I just can't stand. I want to be fully awake when the meteorite smashes me flat!

Now the Vistaril (oops, got it wrong in a previous blog), hydroxyzine pamoate for sleep, is another story. It puts me at a point of sleep where my dreams are VERY plentiful and vivid, can be scary, both real and unreal happenings, and there is a lot of sexual nature to them. Not that I'm waking up with an overly 'enlarged clitoris', (a term used by Patty Lou's doctor the other day! I've got to get this woman as my Doc!) I think those days are long past! The sexual nature seems to be all about anal sex. (TMI,Too Much Information? yes, I think so) ...Anyhow, if this keeps up, I'll be looking forward to sleeping all the time and won't get anything accomplished! ...ahhhh, just kidding! I'll ask for something different. The sleep is very disruptive and I'm still tired in the morning. Can't the drug companies combine a six pack of beer and two joints in a legal pill form? ..arrrgh

Patty Lou's been in a better mood lately. She's been up more trying to do things around the house. It's been a month since she broke her ankle, so I don't think she can hurt her it as easily as before. With that in mind, I'm not as protective of her as I was. She appreciates that.

And the job search continues...



alan said...

I'm usually very happy I don't have dreams I can remember because I know how much trouble I'd be in...

I used to talk in my sleep as well, but for the last 20 years or so that's lessened or I might wake up dead!


Melissa said...

LOL! Your post gives new meaning to the term, "sweet dreams".

It's good to hear you are getting some relief.

Melissa XX

Amy K. said...

You naughty girl, now go to your room and go to sleep! :P