Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Doctors appointment

I went to get my new meds from the clinic today. Now they have me on Invega in the daytime, and Invistaril at night. They stopped the Serequel.Yeah! It made me feel like a zombie! I haven't tried the new ones yet. I may be wishing for the old! We'll see.
While I was there, I wanted them to go over my blood work I had done three weeks ago. I thought they ordered my estrogen count, but no, just testosterone and two others I have no clue what they were for, even though two different doctors explained them to me. Doctor language is not part of my vocabulary. My T is at 16, so I'm taking enough spiro (100mg), but I still don't know about the estrogen. I wanted to know because if I was taking a high dosage (4mg orally, 100mic patch changed twice a week) I might could get by with less, financial problems and all. I couldn't see my doctor, so I saw Patty Lou's, a woman doc. She checked my boobs, which when I told Patty Lou, she thought that was just hilarious! I can't see why! Her doctor couldn't understand why my doc wouldn't prescribe my hormones through the clinic. (he gave me no explanation) She did put a note in my file that I should be referred to the trans program at UAMS. It's the big teaching hospital in Little Rock where my therapist wants me to be her subject, Patty Lou's ankle got fixed there too. So, in a long, round about way, maybe I will eventually get the help I need. Why couldn't someone tell me about this 30 years ago?! ...sigh
On the work front, I have three days left. It struck me funny tonight why I'm so upset about losing a job where I clean poop off of toilets! ...I won't miss that! ...just my girlfriends.
Thanks goes to you girls trying to cheer me up. I love y'all!



Melissa said...

Thirty years ago, there probably wasn't a transgender care facility in the entire state. When I tried to get transgender care here in Va. in 1984, the shrink I went to didn't know of anywhere in the state where it was done.

I hope you will be able to collect unemployment insurance when your job comes to an end.

Melissa XX

Leslie Ann said...

Arkansas has a trans program?! We Kentuckians are always looking to Arkansas and Mississippi to feel better about ourselves. We may be down to one state to feel superior to. Pshaw! Soon we might have to acknowledge our inferiority.

Amy K. said...

Meds meds meds...

My sweetie used to take Seroquel, and then only at night. The doctor originally had her taking it in the morning so the effects could last throughout the day, and even with the "extended release" formula, she was totally zombified until evening.

Also on the meds note, I myself take 100mg spiro and 4mg estrogen orally, though I'm trying to increase it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the insurance issue, especially since it's a state-funded program. It can't hurt to try. :)


Amy :)

alan said...

Sometimes rules change and not everyone is "current" on them; I hope it all pans out for you!

Hooray for not being a zombie!