Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Car update

The nice guy was the mechanic.
The owner of the place was an ass!
$423 for a fuel pump.
He won't be getting my business anymore.

I'm up before the butt crack of dawn tomorrow.
Patty Lou has a doctors appointment in Little Rock for her ankle.
Time for bed.



Amy K. said...

*winces* Oooh that sucks. Sorry, Stephanie!

chrissie said...

Yeah. Mad, isn't it?

My little car is still sitting on the drive since its fuel pump went. Can't afford to get it fixed right now.

I'm using Elaine's Micra, and she's using her mother's car.


alan said...

The sad part is that the pump isn't that much; it's the labor that's the killer!



Wispyblond said...

Sorry.I haven't commented in awhile. The business just lost a customer due to price gouging..a common occurence in American business.Unfortunately, due to high labor costs and inflation he had to over-charge you somewhere to stay in business.

Calie said...

Ouch! Well, at least you have a ride again.

Calie xxx