Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Big Thank You

I'm a selfish, unappreciative pig! Yep, that's me. I write my troubles here for, well, for me really, but in doing so, you girls show your support for me and I never say thank you. It would be impossible for me to go through all the ups and downs of transition without the support that I receive from you. Your understanding, your 'like mindedness', gives me the only support I have to get me through the trying times of this unasked for situation I was born into. I wish I could find words to describe how much your friendship means to me. I can honestly say that 'Stephanie' would not exist if it weren't for the support you show me. A simple thank you seems so paltry.
I intend to be more supportive of you when your needing a friend. I will try harder to be that friend, for I know how much it helps just to know someone cares. I do care. I have trouble expressing it, but I do care.
Thank you .....I love you



chrissie said...

Steph, you can email me anytime you wnat a personal chat or let off steam, yeah...?


Amy K. said...

You're very welcome, Stephanie! *hugs* :)

Leslie Ann said...

I think you just expressed it very well. I don't always know what to say, either, when I get gracious and supportive comments.

I think we all feel protective of you. You wear your heart on your sleeve, holding nothing back. We love you for your sincerity and your tenacity. Life didn't deal you a great hand, but you keep making lemonade.

We already knew that you care, but thanks for saying so.


Melissa said...


Melissa OOXX