Sunday, August 16, 2009

Patty Lou, ten miles high!

Over the years of my drinking and drugging to excess, Patty Lou wasn't just sippin' tea, she joined right in there too. But she was the one that kept things under control. Unlike me, she always knew when she'd had enough. When she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she quit drinking all together. Her only vice now is about a joint a day, and a pack of cigarettes, which I never smoked, and wish she didn't. I was smoking about 2 joints a day, but since I'm going to be out of work, and most employers want you to take a drug test, I quit the day I found out I'd be unemployed. (damn I want a joint!)

Now, with that said...

When she broke her ankle, they gave her a prescription for percocet. When her ankle has been hurting, she takes them very sparingly, even breaking them in half, so she doesn't just fall asleep when it hits her. Good idea?

If you met her, you'd soon realize that this girl has fun all the time. She's one of those happy people, happy, happy, happy, that laughs and giggles all day long. If I'm still around, I'm going to put on her headstone, "She Died Laughing!"

Now when you take someone like that and add percocet, (which she said she likes a lot!) you get a silly, fun loving, wise cracking woman, who is just looking for someone to have fun with. Trouble is, I'm the only someone here, and I haven't been feeling like having fun. After a while, I just want to scream, "Hey, I'm nursing my depression here!" ...sigh

I don't know what I'd do without her.


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