Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Hi, my name is ...."

.....and then there is a little pause, I get a painful look on my face, and say, "Steven Flettshock .....". I could kick myself in the bottom for spending that money on those hair extensions I only kept in for two days, when I should have given it to an attorney to help with my name change. Now, since I have to give potential employers my legal name, I get to suffer through explaining myself. ....."ahhh, but please call me Stephanie." Then I explain being transgender stuck in the middle of transition, and from there on , I might as well get up and leave. I can see the wheels turning in their head thinking they will accept my application, but as soon as I leave, it will go into the trash. And this is for a minimum wage job where they hire anyone who walks in!

This, finding a job, is not going to be easy. I'm going to see when the next CNA class starts. (certified nursing assistant) I found out today that it pays $11 per hour around here, in some places anyway. Maybe I could continue studying and become a nurse some day. I think I'd like doing that.



Melissa said...

You are intelligent, you have a big heart, and you've know suffering. I think you would make a good nurse, Stephannie.

Do you need a lawyer to get your name changed? I thought all you had to do was apply to your local county court, and as long as you weren't trying to hide a criminal past, approval was pretty much automatic.


Amy K. said...

Ooooh, I physically flinched with you upon reading that opening statement! Oh, how I hated my old name. (Hated? Hell, I still hate it!) As far as getting your name changed, I don't know what the process is in Arkansas, but in NY and Michigan, it's a DIY thing. I changed my name two years ago. Now when applying for a job, I can't seem to get past the background check (old name comes up). :(

chrissie said...

Yes, can see you as a nurse, Steph. You have a good combination of sympathy and empathy, and of course brains....

Go for it, honey. What is there to lose?