Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Dilemma

I put in an application for a custodian job at Community Counseling Services here in Hot Springs. A forty hour week with an hour for lunch, it would pay well, and comes with all kinds of benefits. It was an online application in which I used my legal name (Steven, arrrrgh!) and I didn't tell of me being transgender and transitioning.(should I?) If I do get an interview, I'm at a dilemma wondering if I should be proud of who I am and show up as my real self and probably not get the job, or if I should see if 'Steven' can get the job and then transition, ...again. 'Steven' does not look like a 'Steven' much anymore, greatly reducing the chances that he could get the job either. It is a building full of psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists. Shouldn't they understand? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Guess I should wait and see if the horse shows up before I decide if I'm going to ride it side saddle!



Leslie Ann said...

I would think you'd be better off going as yourself, but you should let your instinct prevail.

Got my fingers crossed for you!

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

I agree with the Lovely Leslie Ann. Go as yourself. I mean-you can draw unemployment for awhile. Why not take a chance?

Melissa said...


From what you have told us, I think you've reached a point, where there is no denying who you are anymore. Go as Stephanie, and politely explain your situation to them. Make sure you look your best, and let them know you are proud of who you are. They would be nuts, not to hire you!

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

Go as yourself! You can explain (gently) at the interview what is going on. Since it's a building full of counselors, psychologists, etc., they've probably seen everything and as a result, won't blink an eye. In my opinion, you've probably a better chance there (of a getting a job) than you would most places.

Good luck to you!

Marie in OK

caroline said...

Sounds like you are the perfect kind of person for a job like that so go as yourself and tell them so, who else could you go as?

Good luck.

Caroline XX

Gillian said...

Truth be told, I don't understand why you didn't apply as "Stephanie." That's who'll show up to work -- unless you're planning a major change in identity.

Best of luck to you, dear.