Sunday, August 2, 2009

Smilin' Patty Lou

I got a huge smile from Patty Lou when she was able to get into the wheelchair that her father used in his last months of life. She's only able to navigate the living room and kitchen area since this house started out as a 12x65 foot mobile home. Yes, I'm trailer trash! lol (was called that once by the uppity neighbor) The hallway is too narrow for the chair to fit, but at least she can get herself something from the fridge and make herself coffee. I know how she feels, as I've been reliant on her help before. Being able to do something for yourself, you cherish your freedom much more, even though it may be small.

My son-in-law (the redneck one) and daughter in Florida have been arguing as of late. So much that she has been staying with a friend for a little over a week. But when he heard about Pat's ankle, and about me losing my job in a short while, (it may be sooner than I've said, more later ...sigh) he gave my daughter the money to pay our electric bill. No one asked him to, he just did it. The guy has a good heart. If he could just get past my trans situation he'd be alright with me. He's the best of the three husbands she's had. He's been emailing me for updates on Patty Lou, which is something since me and him haven't shared words when he refused to come up on Thanksgiving almost three years ago. I've made it a point to bring up my gender issues. He said he's trying to work that out in his head. Being an ex-alcoholic biker who is way into guns, he's got all those redneck qualities that trans people avoid having to deal with. I'm going to try and enlighten him in the true facts of being transgender, explaining the difference between she males, crossdressers, and drag queens. If you know of an address I can link him to that does a good job explaining it, please send it to me. The more info he has the better. I've never went looking for sites like that, I've lived it, I know it pretty well! Coming from somewhere else other than me would give it more credibility though.

Guess I better get in bed, I've a busy, long day tomorrow.



alan said...

Having any control of our lives is a good feeling, no matter how little it is!

May your s-i-l's heart win over his mind!


Amy K. said...

I looked on TS Roadmap, but couldn't find anything other than letters for co-workers. So here's a pretty good section from Lynn Conway's site:

The entire page is a bit lengthy, so skipping to this section on the page will focus more on what you want to "teach" him. Good luck! :)