Friday, August 28, 2009

I got that lovin' feelin'...

...or, "You love me", "You really love me!"
As it turned out, I had to go back to the plant this evening. They wanted their trash emptied before Sunday when my daughter was going to do it. It only took me 3 1/2 hours, but in the time I was there, both Amanda and Candy, who were working late, gave my hurt feelings a much needed pick-me-up. Both of them said their goodbyes to me, Candy saying, but not for long, that I'd be back. She remembers when the new cleaners had the contract before us, how nasty the place was. They're going with them to save a whopping $166 a month! I have my doubts about us returning even if they see it was a mistake letting us go. The bitch in charge of the contract wanted me gone. And yes I'm sure it was my being transgender that was a major cause for us to go. She's trans phobic, probably homophobic, and every other kind of phobic. Which I can't understand. She has a bi-racial granddaughter. Her prejudice will bite her someday.

So now I'm officially unemployed, laid off, not working (...hmmm, I don't like the sound of those.)

So now I'm temporarily a lady of leisure. (much better!) Monday I'll go to the employment office and let them know. I'll see what kind of pittance I have earned while I'm being this lady of leisure.

Patty Lou's calling, she needs something. I forgot for a brief minute. Housewives/caregivers don't get leisure time! lol



Leslie Ann said...

It's good you got to go back and get some proper closure. Lady of leisure sounds nice. Do let us know if the reality matches the image.

Amy K. said...

Awww! I'm so glad they said goodbye to you. Scratch two people off the meanie list. As far as the job front, join the club. At least we live far enough apart from each other that we won't be competing in this all-but-nonexistent job market! :)

Angel said...
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Angel said...
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The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Hush those lovely friends up! I don't want you to go back there! I want something better for you; something that allows you to be yourself and make more money! Not Cinderella in the beginning; the Cinderella in the happily ever after. I rarely miss reading you and though sometimes it's hard to read you, please know that I'm a HUGE STEPHANIE FAN!!! I am aware of your beautiful spirit and long to read that your dreams come true. Be good to Patty and enjoy the leisure and ask yourself: what does Steph really want? I hope it all show up!!!! Love you!!!!

chrissie said...

Yep.. Been there, Steph....
It will pass, really it will.

You now have the the motive AND the opportunity to look elsewhere.

I second what CD-GF said, too... !"

lots of love