Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long day

First, Patty Lou had her ankle X-ray'd and they said it's healing fine. She has to keep the cast on for another 3 weeks, then she may get a walking boot. I hope so, she wants to get up and go, anywhere.
On our way to her appointment, I got pulled over by one of our state troopers. I saw that he was giving a ticket to someone, and the law does say that I'm suppose to get into the other lane as not to get too close to him as I pass, but that lane had two cars coming up so fast that I was afraid to get into it. He was nice enough to just give me a warning ticket, probably because he saw Patty Lou's cast. Idiot!

I had my therapy session this evening, if you want to call it that. I'm getting nothing in the way of therapy out of it. She has her own agenda wanting me to be her show-and-tell piece for her class of studying new therapists. Right now, I need therapy, badly. The stuff that is within us that holds us all together is in short supply in me. I'm screaming for help and nobody is listening. Mental health care in this miserable state of Arkansas sucks.

It's almost midnight, I've been up since 4:30 am, and I still want to read your posts. Your my best therapy.



Melissa said...

We have that same law here in Va., and many times when I come upon a trooper who has someone pulled on the shoulder, I find myself in the same position that you were in, and cannot move over to the left lane. There is just too much traffic on the interstate, and the traffic in the left lane is always moving up too fast to switch lanes quickly most of the time. I'm really surprised he pulled you.

Stephanie, tell your therapist, that you don't mind her using you as an object lesson for the education of her students, but your primary concern is getting some meaningful therapy and you don't feel like you are getting it. Be assertive. She doesn't have the right to just use you, and ignore your needs.

Good to hear Patty Lou is healing, before you know it, she will back on her feet again.

Take care sweetie!
Melissa XX

alan said...

Hugs from a guy at the other end of the weather front...thinking of you!


Amy K. said...

Your therapist needs to help you in dealing with your issues. That's what therapy is. If she won't do so, tell her that you will look elsewhere (even if it's pure bluffing and there is nowhere else to go).