Friday, September 4, 2009

Busy, very busy!

I'm not one of those people that are multitask masters, I do things one at a time. When I get done with one, I go on to the next. I've always been that way, giving my full attention to each chore. In doing that, I feel I've done my best, which is necessary to appease the perfectionist in me. Once I get started, I don't stop. And getting started isn't a problem anymore, now that I've stopped smoking the herb!! lol! I get up, get started, and keep going non stop until I sit down here usually before bed. (I'm early today, going out tonight!) That's how I've always been on any job I've worked at. No breaks, keep going 'til finished.
So while I was still employed, things around the house backed up considerably. (One thing at a time.) Two sheds desperately needed sorting, both our bedrooms had things stored in them because the sheds were a mess, and a large, 5 sided breakfast nook had more than the bedrooms. So far, I've cleared everywhere but one shed, and it's exclusively for storage. (The other doubles as a workshop.) Along with that mess cleaned, I've washed (hand scrubbed!) a neglected car, mowed an overgrown lawn, built a handrail on the steps leading into the house for Patty Lou, and cleared the weeds and old veggies out of the garden. All of this was done this week along with 7 trips to town for appointments, and the never ending housework/caregiver/dog walker job I acquired when Patty Lou broke her ankle. Phew!, I'm tired! I need to get a job so I can get some rest!
Seeing the results of my hard work is rewarding, giving me a sense of accomplishment. I need that now. It fights off depressing thoughts.



Amy K. said...

Getting a job so you can get some rest! I chuckled at that. How funny... and ironic!

Melissa said...

Send me your address, and I will mail you a first class ticket to Hadensville Va., where you can expend some of that boundless energy on 16 years of neglected chores around my place. I am the original lazy slug, and could use the services of a go getter like you!{:oD

Melissa XX

chrissie said...

It's true, though.

There's always something else to be done around the house no matter what the time, but at work you can knock off....


Calie said...

That's my secret for staying sane. Work, work, work...

Calie xxx