Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Different computer

So my computer crashed, or rather, I crashed it. It was giving me problems booting up sometimes, and sometimes it would shut down windows saying that it had detected an error. And under the category of "two errors don't make a right", I tried to fix it. Bad move. So someday I'll try and get it fixed, but for now I'm on a different, much better one that has me scratching my head for a bit of understanding. I'll learn how to use it. 'til then you may have to bare with me for awhile. I'm kinda like a reborn virgin here, I did it once, but it's all new to me now! I'll be good at it again! Practice, practice, practice!

Now, in the category of Too Much Info, I've got to talk to my therapist like real bad. Seems these new pills have me lactating! Cream in your coffee, anyone?



Amy K. said...

You're lactating??? Woah! You'll probably think I'm weird, but I think that's awesome. I've always wanted to for some reason. It's probably just another "female issue" that would affirm my identity even more. Men don't lactate. ;)

chrissie said...




Leslie Ann said...

Oh, my! Maybe you should google your meds and see what the side effects are.

On the bright side, you might be able to get a job as a wet nurse.