Saturday, September 19, 2009

Drinks disguised as desserts should be banned!

I thought my Saturdays spent worshiping the porcelain gods were over. But nooooo! With the mood I've been in the last few days, I should have known better than to go out drinking. I only had 2 beers and 3 chocolate martinis, but the martini's were killer. So, I suffered today. I did find out that after not shooting pool for over 20 years, if I had to, I could still hustle a dollar on the tables. (didn't know that about me, did ya!) I won 6 straight games not losing any against the bars best. My teen years were spent in the pool hall next to the bowling alley. In both places I was real good at making a dollar. It should be easier now. I can put on a short skirt and a low cut top and distract them! lol

I apologise for not commenting on your posts. I've been in my gray world for awhile, and I don't like leaving comments when I am. I say things I really don't mean, or things I mean to say, I show no tact in expressing them. It's best I keep my thoughts to myself.

Like Arnold said, "I'll be back!"



Amy K. said...

Ick! Get well soon, hun. :)

Melissa said...

What a wonderful picture! Where did you find that? Hope you're feeling better.

Melissa xx

Calie said...

Hi Steph!

Used to have my own personal pool cue. It broke down into two pieces and had a carrying case. I always felt important carrying that thing around. Could not shoot worth a darn, however.

I will shoot some pool with you, Steph, but you must promise to wear that short skirt and low cut top!

Calie xxx