Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ignorance isn't bliss

It will be three years on Christmas that I will have had a computer. (prior to that, Web TV) All of them used, this is the third one that I've bought. Seems I get a virus every year even with all kinds of protection. The other two computers were bought from a place that is out of business now, otherwise I would have went there again. But I understand why they are out of business now. The older man that ran the place was nice, friendly, and treated me no different than anyone else. I liked him. Every time I bought anything, he would say, "I'm sure you'll be pleased with it." And I was, but only because I didn't know any better. This computer that I bought yesterday ($185) is just so much more than what I had it makes being online really fun. The old ones were slow, really slow, 21.6 kbps slow, me being on dial up. Sometimes I would click on something and go do something else while it was loading! This computer runs at 32.6 kbps, not the fastest you can get, but I'm still just on dial up. I still haven't tried to run Youtube or download music yet, but I'm well satisfied with what I've got for what I've spent.

It makes me wonder what other things in my life that I have little knowledge about would shine amazement in my eyes if I were enlightened.

Now, about those viruses. Along with Mozilla, I'm going to get this computer both a regular and swine flu shot, feed it penicillin, and make it wear a mask continuously!



Melissa said...

PC's are vulnerable to viruses and spyware, even if you have up to date anti-viral software. The only way to avoid them, is to never click on any links, or attachments. That's kind of hard to do, if you surf the web a lot. My sister just had to have her Dell hard drive scrubbed and reprogramed, because she opened a bad link, and became infected. I used to get viruses all the time on my old Hewlet Packard PC, even though I was running McAfee anti-viral software.

Macs are much safer. I've had my
Mac for two years now, and still no problems. Where do you get a computer for $185?

Melissa XX

Stephanie said...

Well, the obvious answer for, "Where do you get a computer for $185," is of course, The Computer Store! (name of the place lol) Like most of the computer repair places here, they have used ones from $100-up. My two previous ones were $150 each. This one is a Gateway with 40gb hard drive and 1gb ram. It suits my needs. Used is the best I can do right now.


Melissa said...

That sounds like a great deal! At that price, you can afford to throw it away and get another one, when it breaks down. There is nothing wrong with a used computer, as long as it's hard drive has been scrubbed clean. That Gateway you have, is much better than my old HP, that I paid $1600 for.

Melissa XX