Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a dream, girl.

There is a torch song singer inside of me dying to be set free. A woman with strong feelings, feelings that can only be expressed in song. Deep within me I feel it, the soul of a songstress, wanting desperately to escape the confines that holds her voice back. It's there, been there for all my years. A gritty, soulful, painful sound. A scream, a tear, no, many tears that have built an ocean of pain. Pain that can only be turned lose with the accompaniment of music. Music to be heard and felt by many, by those that have the same pain as I do, the same ache, frustration, disillusion within them. She must be set free.

Ok, so where did that come from? I watched Dreamgirls last night!
...but the feelings are real, the woman is real. And she desperately needs to be heard. Sadly she still says, "Perhaps someday."


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Calie said...

I hear you, sweetie...