Sunday, September 6, 2009

Groundhog Sunday

Have they added more hours to Sunday? Or do the clocks move slower on Sundays? I guess I'm just not going to be happy on Sundays, I used to be. Back when I worked M-F, (that's Monday through Friday. lol) I liked my Sundays, well, some of them. Some were spent with my head under the covers hiding from light and sound after too much drinking on Saturday night. There were a lot of those. But some Sundays, we would get in whatever old car we had, pack a lunch, a couple joints, and just drive. With no map, no destiny, just turn down this and that road, it was fun. We don't do that anymore. I guess we could, now that I'm not working on Sunday again. But then once we get home our aches and pains would begin to shout at us. It's just not worth the pain.
I liked working Sundays with my daughter the last 3 years. Oh, I complained about having to, when I had to. But now with no job, well, I'd rather be working. You know what they say. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. ("And the big yellow taxi pulled in the parkin' lot")
So today I made breakfast, watched 3 movies, the names of which I couldn't tell you, (boring!) sat here at the computer twice, (y'all need to write more!) zapped a lunch, and took the dog out twice. Oh, and I think I ate about 10 in-between-meal snacks! (12 pounds in 11 days!) And it's only 25 minutes after 6pm!!!!!!! I'll never survive this being out of work!



Amy K. said...

I post once every night, and maybe I would post more often, but I don't want to overload anyone!

It's not just you, at least not today. I was hella bored today and still am. :/

Melissa said...

I post when I feel the inspiration to do so. If I try to force it, I get half way through, and sometimes can't figure out what to say. When I'm inspired, the words just flow from my fingertips.

I've noticed that postings are drastically curtailed on weekends. Probably because unlike me, most folks who post here, have a life. LOL!

Melissa XX

Stephanie said...

Let's see. I'm bored, I want other people to write so I have something to read, and you can tell I forced a blog out by it's content. I need to get a life too!

caroline said...

Sundays and all the otherdays! Now I have a retired wife cluttering up MY house every day interfering with my household routine, it is hard to get used to. Worse is that I don't get so much time to drop by to catch up on the web let alone write. Now I am mixing up the blogs in my head with the ones I have posted! Really sorry they would have been great!!

Snacking is my great fear!

Must get organised, must get organised.

Caroline XX