Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A discouraging day

Patty Lou's appointment with the doctors UAMS was a bit discouraging. We thought the cast would come off today, but no. They said her diabetes is making the healing process take about double the time for the bone to bond. They put on another cast and gave her an appointment for the 7th of October. So, she's down a little today.
While I was there, I checked to see if they did have a transsexual research program that I could get into. Nope. I'm being to think my therapist is full of..... . So, I'm down a little today too.
I was aware of it being 09-09-09, and I watched the clock pass 09:09 this morning. Good thing I'm not superstitious.



Melissa said...


It may just be a small program within a certain department of the school, that everyone doesn't know about. It could even be your therapist's pet project.

Sorry to hear about Patty Lou. You need to make sure she keeps her sugar under control, by eating right and taking her medicine. This is especially important right now, because she can't get any exercise to help boost her metabolism. I've been there myself. I was diagnosed with diabetes about six years ago, when I allowed my weight to balloon, because of depression over my GID. I lost 80 lbs, exercise regularly, and eat a low glycemic index diet now, and have managed to keep things well under control without meds.

Melissa XX

alan said...

I too, shall hope that your therapist is the one who knows what's going on here!

Pass along a hug for your sweetie; I know it won't help her heal faster, but it can't hurt and you can steal one for yourself as well!


Wispyblond said...

Steph..things are certainly never boring down there. I hope Betty Lou recooperates very soon. Yes..I love your new pic.