Monday, September 28, 2009

I wish I could have been Daddy's girl.

The fact that today would have been my fathers birthday didn't slip past me. It's been on my mind all day. Some of you know that I have father issues. He was there, but was absent, if you know what I mean. He doled out the punishment, sometimes on the side of my head. As the years go by, it seems less of a problem to me, the 'no praise, just punishment' way he was. He only lived 40+ years, he was young. I don't know if it's an excuse to forgive him or just me getting older and understanding better, but I have reconciled my problems with him. I feel we all make mistakes, and if he would have lived longer, I want to think that he would have become more understanding of me. He's been gone for 30 years now, it's time I let it go.

It's been a hard day.

I do miss him today.


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