Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your brain and gender

There's a story being reported by MSNBC that a woman in Germany had a seizure, causing her to think that she was a man. It was also reported that she was perceiving other women as changing into men. The story said the scientists were saying, "Although this is just one incident, we are now thinking this is proof that your brain is connected to your gender perception."

Ahhhhh, DUH! Do they not listen when the multitudes of M-F transsexuals tell them they have a female brain and see themselves as being in the wrong body?

Maybe my new job classification should be scientist. I'm obviously intelligent enough!


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Melissa said...

I can't say with 100% metaphysical certitude, that I have the brain of a woman, but after 40 years of working almost exclusivly with males, I know damn good and well, that I don't have the brain of a man. Although it was confusing at the time, when I think back on my childhood, I can also say I never related to any of the other boys, with the exception of my friend Mike in the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades, but then Mike used to like wearing his sister's underwear. :-)

Melissa XX