Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Easy Rider

Patty Lou had her regular check-up at the clinic this afternoon. Pushing her around in her wheelchair was difficult because of narrow halls and doorways. I was running into everything, although, not once did I bang her broken ankle. Even so, she was grumbling telling the staff that I was a terrible driver and nurse, all in jest. So when we got to Wal*Mart, I took her picture in one of their zoom, zoom machines. Since Wal*Mart is her favorite place to shop (shopping in one in all 50 states would thrill her to no end!) if you see this coming at you, run, run away. Run as fast as you can! lol
"Danger! DANGER!!, Will Robinson!" ...(guess I dated myself there!)



Amy K. said...

I've never actually pushed someone in a wheelchair, so I don't think I would "drive" that well either.

You think you dated yourself? Not at all, hun! I'm thirty-something and I always say that, and I've seen the TV show and movie. Then again, I am a bit of a science fiction buff. So how's the warp drive on that Wal-Mart cruiser? ;P

caroline said...

All electric wheelchairs should have a constant wobbly 60's robot voice shouting out a warning, they are some of the scariest things on earth!

All should be lost in space!

Caroline XXX (still 18 inside!)

alan said...

My wife was in one of those a few years ago, right before knee and hip replacements and also for a bit after. Now she outwalks me again...


Calie said...

Funny story and good to see Patty Lou's picture. Also nice to see she is getting better.

Calie xxx