Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clown No. 13

There are days when I feel I'm just one of the clowns coming out of the clown car.

This morning I had to pick up the second half of my new prescription for Invega. They only gave me a two week supply to see how I would react to it. The drug costs $782 for a months supply,(I pay $5) so they didn't want to give me the whole months worth if I was going to have a bad reaction to it. How 60 pills that you don't even get high on can cost that much is beyond me! Anyway, I didn't sleep much over night. It was my own fault, I played here until 2am. I came to at 7, half asleep yet from the night time pills, fixed the make-up I'd slept in, zapped some previously made eggs, ham, and cheese biscuits, and climbed in the Jimmy to make the 25 mile trip to the clinic. As I'm walking in, I notice I have a glob of cheese on my pink T-shirt that when pulled off leaves an orange stain. Great, I'm already self conscious about my hands peeling from washing the car in pure , well, it's a degreaser from my old job. (Perks!) Today I found it strips paint too! So anyway, I look and feel a mess, and it seems I have to see EVERYONE in the clinic before I leave! Geez!
After a not so quick stop at Wal*Mart for spray paint, (ran into an old friend while there) I get to the house, get out of my town clothes, put on work clothes, and went to work stripping the old paint off of a two step kitchen high chair. Two hours of stripping, two hours of painting,(forest green) and it's finally done. I clean up, sit down here to read, and remember that I forgot to get Patty Lou's cigarettes when I was in town. Ahhh, THAT"S why she's not talkin' to me! (I've been after her to quit) So I change clothes to go to the little country store, glance in the mirror at my make-up, not bad, I'm off for the 6 mile trip to the store. After buying the cigarettes and getting in the car, I have to pull down the sun visor and I see it. The whole underside of my nose and top lip is forest green! Oh gawd, just shoot me now! I wipe it off, then I tell Patty Lou when I get home so she can laugh hysterically at me.
I guess I'm getting too comfortable in this full time thingy. I learn by mistakes. You can bet I'll look myself over a little bit better from now on. But I know it will happen again. It happens to GG's too!

P.S. I've noticed my writing has a much more upbeat theme to it lately. The Invega must be working. ...And I get to double the dose today!


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alan said...

Glad you didn't wipe your cheek or brow while washing the car...that would have been much worse than a daub of green!